Barney McNeany

Position: Trustee

Barney McNeany is a graduate of Aston University where he studied Behavioural Science, and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne where he undertook postgraduate qualifications in Social Work.

After a number of roles in Child Protection and Mental Health care in both health and social services in England, he returned to Northern Ireland where he moved into Health and Social Care management roles in Newry and Mourne Trust and the Southern Health and Social Services Board before he became General Manager and then Group General Manager in the North Eastern Health Board in the Republic of Ireland, managing acute hospital services.

Barney then became Deputy Chief Executive in the Equality Commission and Chief Executive of NICCY - the office of the Children's Commissioner for NI.

The latter part of his career has been working where his professional passion rests - in Mental Health and Disability services as Co-Director in the Belfast Trust and recently Director in the Southern Trust. He formally retired in April 2021 and is a part-time member of the Trust's collective leadership team. He maintains his professional Social Worker registration with NISCC and is a consultant with the Health Service Leadership centre.