B+ Positive Youth-Focused Training

Good mental health is a goal that most of us share and mental health promotion is a means of reaching that goal.

Mental health awareness training can be the first step towards equipping people with the knowledge they need to take action and improve how they feel.  Very often we neglect our mental health needs in the thinking that, if we don't suffer from a mental illness our mental health is fine.

B+ Positive training is designed to help us reflect on the fact that we all have mental health needs and staying mentally healthy requires both awareness and effort.

The course covers three 1 hour modules:

  • What is mental health?
  • The five fruit and veg of mental health
  • Building a collection of coping strategies

B+ Positive is suitable for those aged 11+ and can be delivered to groups of 15-30 in one three hour session or three one hour sessions.

B+ Positive is particularly popular with schools as training can be delivered on site.

"I really enjoyed the Be Positive workshop it was really interactive and easy to follow."

There is no cost associated with this course.

Do you know a group who you feel would benefit from this training?

Then contact us on 028 3026 6195 or training@pipshopeandsupport.org