Shoulder to Shoulder

Who should attend Shoulder to Shoulder?

The training is aimed at ordinary members of the community because suicide can effect us ALL and suicide prevention should be EVERYBODY'S business. With local people trained to be more aware of the risk of suicide and the sources of help available, the training will make our communities safer.

Each training programme is tailored to make it as relevant as possible to participants. This means that statistics, helpline numbers and sources of local support will always be relevant to the area that the training takes place and the particular issues affecting that community. It is especially beneficial for use in the workplace as it focuses a lot on self and manager/peer support

Age: Adults and youth aged 15+

The programmes' aims are:

  • To increase the general publics awareness around the extensive support available to those at risk of suicide, develop a clearer understanding of the different groups that may be at a higher risk of suicide
  • To develop an understanding in the general public that many people who are at risk will not access the help available unless supported in doing so
  • To reduce the fear in the general public of helping someone at risk by learning, identifying and referring at risk individuals to available help
  • To introduce simple ways of developing positive mental and emotional health within participants
  • Increase the general publics understanding of government suicide prevention strategies
  • Reduce the stigma and myths around suicide

Participants learn from a creative modern Prezzi presentation, with the opportunity to ask questions, informative literature is provided.

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