Mental health first aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the help given to someone experiencing a mental health problem before professional help is obtained.

The aims of Mental Health First Aid are:

  • To enhance understanding of mental health problems and how it can impact on individuals and society.
  • To develop skills, motivation, knowledge and confidence in offering help to those with symptoms of mental illness.
  • To guide towards appropriate professional help.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is appropriate  for anyone from a voluntary or professional background who comes into contact with the general public and is interested in learning more about mental health problems, how it impacts on individuals and how best to provide support.

Mental health training 'for everyone'.

One in four of us are affected by mental health problems each year, this is a new short training course to deal more effectively with these challenges. 

The 12 hour course does not train you to be a therapist, counsellor or mental health professional. It will teach you to: 

  • Give initial help to someone experiencing a mental health problem 
  • Deal with a crisis situation or the first signs of someone developing mental ill health 
  •  Guide people towards appropriate help

Who should attend? 

The course is accessible to a wide range of groups and individuals. The programme is targeted at raising mental health awareness literacy in the general public. Some key groups of people include people who work in primary health care and social care, staff in further and higher education, support workers in a variety of settings, voluntary and community groups, and individuals, carers and other workplaces. 

Course programme 

The 12 hour course covers a number of topics including: 
what is meant by mental health/mental ill health the signs and symptoms of common mental health problems including depression, anxiety disorders, and psychosis the range of effective interventions and treatments how to access help and support. 

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance and a copy of the Mental Health First Aid Manual, which covers the course content. 

Course aims

Mental Health First Aid aims to help participants: 

  • Preserve life where a person may be a danger to themselves or others provide help to prevent a mental health problem developing into a more serious state.
  • Promote recovery of good mental health.
  • Provide comfort to a person experiencing mental distress

"Training was great and discussion was helpful to provide more understanding."

Thanks to funding from the Public Health Agency, there is no cost associated with this training

To reserve a place on this 2 day training please telephone 028 3026 6195 or email