PIPS Hope & Support Suicide Bereavement Support Group

Newry Group Meets on Last Wednesday of every month from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

PIPS Hope & Support - Newry Office
50 Mill Street, Newry, Co Down BT34 1AG

Open Door Policy

The Bereavement Support Group is for families, friends or anyone who has experienced the loss of someone through suicide 

This support provides members with an experience of healing and community with other survivors. In addition, it gives participants an opportunity to join in a process which leads to comfort, support and information exchange. We believe that this is best done in the non-confronting small group format, which encourages participation of all members and maximizes the potential of each member to contribute meaningfully to the process.

Provides Hope

While no two people share the exact same experience there is a shared experience of loss. Gathering in a group allows people who are early in their journey to connect with those who are much further along. Meeting with and talking to others who have experienced a similar loss shows that it’s possible to feel okay again. For those further along in their healing process, sharing such reassurance can provide important affirmation to themselves, and confirm that the group is a helpful resource for others.

You are not alone.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a grief support group is the reminder that you are not alone. Grieving can be terribly lonely and isolating, especially when everyone around you seems to be “getting on with their lives.” By attending a support group, you may find that other people have experiences, feelings and struggles that are similar to your own. When your grief is overwhelming, the support group community says, “We’ve been there. We understand you.” This is a powerful statement at a critical time.

A Different Perspective

Those who have experienced a similar loss may have valuable advice and suggestions, critical insights, or a different outlook to share. By listening and learning, you may come away with some useful perspectives to help you move along on your grief journey.

A Sense of Belonging

Following a loss, you may feel alone or left out, and different than others because of your grief. Finding a group that understands and accepts you can be an important step in your healing. No one wants to be in the grief club, but once you’re in the club, you may find comfort in surrounding yourself with other members who understand your needs and can support your healing