The Facts About Suicide

Despite over £7m being spent on suicide prevention in the province every year, the deaths of 305 people in 2017  were registered as suicides.

That was the 3rd highest annual figure since records began in 1970

In 2015 the highest number of deaths in 10 years was recorded, amounting to 318 deaths.

Of the deaths, 243 (77%) were male, and 73 were female.

The figures were compiled using data from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and also from the Registrar General's quarterly reports.

Using historic data held by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, we have been able to calculate that a total of 7,697 suicides were registered in Northern Ireland from the beginning of 1970 to the end of 2015. Of these deaths, 5,666 were males."

Seamus McCabe, CEO, PIPS Hope & Support “Suicide prevention work has been ongoing since the launch of the Protect Life Suicide Prevention Strategy in 2005 but suicide is an extremely complex issue, high levels of deprivation, the legacy of conflict and high levels of mental ill-health create a very challenging set of circumstances for many people. There is no simple explanation for why someone chooses to die by suicide, but it is rarely due to one particular factor, as stated Mental health problems are important influences, as well as alcohol and substance misuse, and feeling desperate, helpless or without hope,"

It's so important that people know there is help available.

There are people who can listen and help.

It's okay to not be okay and above all else you are not alone