Dympna Maguire

Position: Services Manager | Email: dympna@pipshopeandsupport.org | Tel: 028 3026 6195

Dympna Maguire is the Service Manager for PIPS Hope and Support. 

Dympna has been with PIPS since July 2008 and has been an integral component within the organisation and has contributed to its growth and success over this period. Dympna started her career as a graduate of St Mary’s University Teaching College and took up the position of Training Officer with a local training and employment firm. She then progressed to become the IT Coordinator for a successful community training project before branching out as a Community Development Officer.

Since joining PIPS Hope and Support, Dympna has been instrumental in setting up various administration, data collection and financial systems and has worked hard to establish the organisation’s reputation of approachability, confidentiality and professionalism within the local community and further afield. As Service Manager, Dympna is concerned with the internal operations of the organisation, ensuring the necessary standards are implemented to ensure the smooth running of operations. She is responsible for the Finance Department and for overseeing the Administration and Training Departments as well as managing the overall running of all inhouse activities across each of our sites. Her vast experience of PIPS Hope & Support means she provides assistance to other departments ensuring that best practices are adhered to. 

Dympna is the first point of contact relating to anything financial or operational including service level agreements with external agencies.  She is approachable and always happy to assist.