Patricia Trainor

Position: Secretary

Patricia has had a long and distinguished career in the SHSCT where she previously served as Head of Service in the SHSCT Head of Social Work (OPPC, Older People and Primary Care Service) before taking up her post as the SHSCT Lead Social Worker for Adult Safeguarding. She chaired the multi-disciplinary, multi-agency Adult Protection Forum Chair. She has had a research paper published in the Journal of Adult Protection. She was part of a regional group that developed the regional Adult Safeguarding and Protection, Policy and Guidance document published in 2016.

Patricia’s role within the Trust was to provide information and guidance across programmes of care. Patricia graduated with a Masters in Social Work from Queens University in 1984, she is married with 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren. She is an avid reader and enjoys keeping active walking, swimming and taking Pilates classes.